Private charter fishing & boat trips

6 and 8 hour Private charter fishing trips

April to mid January

Not available during the mackerel trip season from 20th July to 4th September.

Unfortunately we will only be running one boat this year so the number of trips we can offer is reduced, because of this we don't have any availability for these trips until October and all weekends are also fully booked. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Departing from Keyhaven in Hampshire our boats fish the Needles area on the western end of the Isle of Wight for a variety of species such as Conger eel, Tope, Rays, Bream & Mackerel in the summer and Whiting, Rays, Conger eel and maybe a Cod from mid October until mid January. Other species also put in a showing depending on the time of year along with the usual "small stuff" but as with all fishing it's all on the day and the feeding habits of the fish vary from one day to the next. To see what we have been catching lately (when the weather allows) please take a look at the recent catches page. Most of these trips are fished on the grounds to the south of the famous Needles Lighthouse but on the big spring tides we will sometimes fish in Christchurch Bay for much lighter/easier fishing. Our trips are all about having an enjoyable day out on the water downtide fishing at anchor for a mixture of species. The 8 hour charter is better suited to the more experienced anglers with all their own rods etc, the use of our hire rods is only available on our shorter 5 or 6 hour charters.

Our 6 & 8 hour sea fishing trips are available from April until mid January on any available day but not during the mackerel trip season in the school summer holidays. These trips are private boat charters for clubs, groups, workmates, families or anyone who would like to charter a boat for a days fishing. If you are looking for a shorter fishing trip we do a popular 5 hour version of this trip see our 5 hour Sea fishing trip page for more details.

We aim our charters and prices at the smaller groups of up to 5 or 6 anglers maximum, by keeping the numbers on board our 5, 6 & 8 hour trips down to 6 anglers or less it makes for a much more enjoyable day for everyone with less tangles and more room to move around on the boat.


Please note: This is not Wreck fishing or Bass fishing, we don't do those.


2020 Boat Charter Prices

6 hour Fishing charter = £230

8 hour Fishing charter = £285

Hire rods are £5 each (only available on 5 & 6 hour charters)

Maximum 5 or 6 people per trip (depending on covid 19 restrictions)

Squid and Mackerel bait can be supplied at cost price if you can't supply your own.


Available weekend days aboard "OSPREY II" in 2020.

Sorry we have no available weekends for these trips at the moment

Last updated on 01/08/2020 at 17.00 hrs

For midweek days please contact us with your preferred date to see if it's available.

After you have booked your fishing trip

When you make a booking with us we will confirm the details of the trip and give you a start time for you to be on board the boat at Keyhaven, directions for getting to Keyhaven and where to find the boat when you get there are all on the "Where to find us" page. You will also be asked to phone us at 7.00pm the night before your trip to confirm that the marine weather forecast and sea conditions are suitable for your trip to go ahead, PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO THIS!!! as our trips are fished on the open sea and we have to take notice of the weather forecasts to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the fishing trip.

Our decision on whether or not a trip goes ahead is based on our reading of the latest marine weather forecasts for the strength of the wind, our knowledge of the localised weather conditions and also our years of experience taking people fishing in our local waters, it's not just a matter of whether the sun is shining or not so please remember to phone us to check all is ok. Our aim is to give our customers an enjoyable and above all safe fishing trip so if we are forced to cancel a trip please try to understand that we make the decision with your best interests in mind. If your fishing trip is booked as a birthday present it is always a good idea to have a "plan B" in mind for your day, just in case the weather conditions prevent us from taking you out to sea.