Private charter fishing & boat trips

3 hour Private charter Mackerel fishing trips

Every day from 20th July to 3rd September

Maximum of 6 people per trip

With the mackerel becoming less plentiful around our shores over the last few years we've made some changes to our mackerel trips for 2020. Firstly our mackerel trips will now only be available for private charter bookings and secondly these trips will now always be fished around the Needles lighthouse area (weather permitting) giving us a better chance of finding some mackerel for you and also adding a great sightseeing element to the trip. Unfortunately we can't promise you large numbers of mackerel these days as they can be very hit and miss so please only book if you're happy coming along to enjoy the boat trip and taking your chances with how many mackerel are around on the day.

Fishing from Keyhaven in Hampshire aboard Osprey II with Greg these trips are great fun for everyone, no matter how old or young you are everyone enjoys a Mackerel trip. Mackerel trips are perfect for groups of complete beginners, families, workmates or anyone wanting to have a go at catching a few fish for the barbecue, smoker or freezer and of course the kids really enjoy the excitement of catching their first Mackerel. Not everyone in your group has to fish if they don't want to, some people are just as happy coming along to enjoy the boat ride taking in the sights & sounds of the Solent and Needles area. Weather permitting we will fish for Mackerel in the waters around the Needles Lighthouse although if the weather forecast isn't looking too good for going to the Needles we may be able to offer you the option of doing the trip in the Solent depending on tide conditions. We like to take our time on our Mackerel fishing trips therefore our trips have always been an hour longer than most at 3 hours in duration which makes for a more relaxing experience and allows us to take you all the way out to fish around the Needles lighthouse so you get to see all the sights around that area too. All the rods and tackle needed are supplied by us and included in the price of the charter so you just need to bring yourselves and a bite to eat.

As these trips are now for private charter bookings only we can arrange the trip around your groups preferences so if you'd prefer to spend a little less time fishing to allow time for some close up sightseeing around the Needles rocks and Alum bay just let us know, it's no problem. Our mackerel trips can be arranged for any available day during the Mackerel season so please contact us to check availability and book your trip in early to save disappointment as we get very busy during the summer.

To help keep everyone safe we are limiting groups to a maximum of 6 people per trip, everyone will be asked to use hand sanitiser before boarding the boat (we have some on board if you don't have your own) and our mackerel rods will be wiped down with anti bacterial wipes/spray before each trip.


A note from Greg about the mackerel stocks these days.

As I'm sure many of you are aware now the mackerel stocks around our coast have been in decline for around the last 8 or 9 years and we no longer catch the "hundreds" of fish every trip that we used to. I will always do my best to find people as many fish as I can and I've found that over the last few years most of you are happy to just enjoy the boat trip saying whatever you catch is really a bonus and I thank you very much for that. Unfortunately we do still occasionally get groups that charter the boat then travel down to us (often from the London area) expecting to fill the boat with hundreds and hundreds of mackerel which just doesn't happen anymore, please if you are one of these groups I would rather you didn't book with us as I am never going to be able to please you no matter how many fish we catch.

To everyone else please do come along and enjoy what is a great little family fishing experience/boat trip in the Solent and Needles area. Many thanks, Greg..


2020 Mackerel fishing charter price

3 hour Mackerel fishing charter = £170

Rods and tackle are included in price.

Maximum 6 people per trip

A deposit of £50 which can be paid on our website is required to confirm your booking.

The balance payment is to be paid in cash on board the boat on the day.

Please note that due to poor mobile signal we're not able to accept card payments on our boats so please remember to bring enough cash with you to pay for your trip.


To book your Mackerel trip please phone 01425 612896 (9am to 9pm)

If we are not answering when you call please don't give up, try us again later in the day

or after 5pm is always a good time to get us.

Text and email options can be found on the Contact us page.

Check back here for availability & updates on our 3 Hour Mackerel Trips throughout the Summer.

Contact info

Available days and times

This list is a guide to our mackerel trip availability and gets updated once a day usually late evenings so may not be strictly accurate throughout the day as bookings are taken.

Monday 20th July at 8.00am

Tuesday 21st July at 8.00am

Wednesday 22nd July at 8.15am

Thursday 23rd July at 9.00am

Monday 27th July at 8.00am

Tuesday 28th July at 8.00am

Monday 3rd August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Tuesday 4th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Wednesday 5th August at 8.15am & 11.30am

Thursday 6th August at 9.00am

Saturday 8th August at 9.45am

Tuesday 11th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Wednesday 12th August at 8.00am

Monday 17th August at 8.00am

Tuesday 18th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Wednesday 19th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Thursday 20th August at 8.00am

Friday 21st August at 8.30am & 11.45am

Saturday 22nd August at 9.15am & 12.30pm

Monday 24th August at 10.30am

Tuesday 25th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Wednesday 26th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Thursday 27th August at 8.00am & 11,15am

Friday 28th August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Saturday 29th August at 8.00am

Sunday 30th August at 11.15am

Monday 31st August at 8.00am & 11.15am

Tuesday 1st September at 8.00am & 11.15am

Wednesday 2nd September at 8.00am & 11.15am

Thursday 3rd September at 8.00am & 11.15am

After you have booked your fishing trip

When you make a booking with us we will confirm the details of the trip and give you a start time for you to be on board the boat at Keyhaven, directions for getting to Keyhaven and where to find the boat when you get there are all on the "Where to find us" page. You will also be asked to phone us at 7.00pm the night before your trip to confirm that the marine weather forecast and sea conditions are suitable for your trip to go ahead, PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO THIS!!! as our trips are fished on the open sea and we have to take notice of the weather forecasts to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the fishing trip.

Our decision on whether or not a trip goes ahead is based on our reading of the latest marine weather forecasts for the strength of the wind, our knowledge of the localised weather conditions and also our years of experience taking people fishing in our local waters, it's not just a matter of whether the sun is shining or not so please remember to phone us to check all is ok. Our aim is to give our customers an enjoyable and above all safe fishing trip so if we are forced to cancel a trip please try to understand that we make the decision with your best interests in mind. If your fishing trip is booked as a birthday present it is always a good idea to have a "plan B" in mind for your day, just in case the weather conditions prevent us from taking you out to sea.